Internationale ondersteuning

Op deze pagina willen de ‘ministries’ vermelden die ontstaan zijn vanuit de ervaringen van de boeken ‘Als God renoveert’ (Divine Renovation) van de Canadese priester James Mallon en ‘Rebuilt, Samen bouwen aan een vitale parochiegemeenschap’ van de Amerikaanse priester Michael White en pastoraal medewerker Tom Cororan. Beide ‘ministries’ ondersteunen parochies in de cultuurverandering naar een (meer) missionaire parochiegemeenschap.

Divine Renovation Ministry

Met tal van interessante filmpjes, webinars en podcasts ter ondersteuning van een missionaire parochie (Engelstalig).

Mogelijkheid tot ondersteuning, onder andere via ‘Kickstart group coaching’ voor priesters

Hannah Vaughan-Spruce van ‘Divine Renovation (DR) Ministry’ in het Verenigd Koninkrijk licht toe: “So many priests have found that our Kickstart group coaching for priests has been a lifeline to them in navigating this turbulent season of change and shifting their parish towards mission. They are finding that the coaching gives them a new joy and confidence in their ministry, and that the regular meetings with brother priests gives a sense of solidarity and friendship.”

In each Kickstart cohort, there are 6 parish priests, plus a DR coach. Cohorts are available in English, German, Spanish and Italian. A priest will be coached on the foundations of parish renewal across 12 weeks, with a session every other week. Each coaching session is 90 minutes and there is a video to watch before each one.

The sessions cover: Vision; Building your Leadership Team; Building Evangelistic Culture; Structure and Hybrid Church (online/in person); Meetings and Healthy Conflict; Culture and Change. Kickstart is very practical and there are takeaways to implement after each coaching session. This is about rolling up our sleeves and getting going with the work of parish renewal.

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Rebuilt Parish Association

Met tal van filmpjes, webinars en podcasts ter ondersteuning van een missionaire parochie (Engelstalig).

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